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Deliverance From Reptilians

Updated: Jan 25, 2023


A lady accompanied her friend in visiting her Pen Pal in prison. While sitting with her friend and her friend’s Pen Pal, she saw a young man that caught her attention. They started talking and his mannerisms were so gentle and kind. Following his release from prison, they started dating. After some time, she asked the Lord God if the young man was the “one” He had chosen for her. Later that night, she was given a dream.

In the dream, she saw the young man appear to her and as she looked upon him, his head, hands, feet and finally his whole body turned into a lizard. She woke up in a start! She thought about this troubling dream for a little while, but then dismissed it, realizing how much she loved the young man; so, she went ahead and married this man. Shortly after their marriage, all hell broke loose. There would be times when she would look at him and his eyes would transform into those of a reptile. She would tell him that he needed to control his eyes because she did not like the way he looked at her. After several months of marriage, her husband was arrested and sent to prison. This happened several times in their marriage. Currently, he is still in prison.

She noticed that each time she visited him in prison, he would say to her that he could smell her whenever she was at home. She thought that was a strange thing to say and was beginning to feel very uncomfortable visiting him, so she stopped. During the night, she started feeling as if she were being touched and it felt like a man was visiting her bed and she could feel him performing oral sex. Somehow, she knew it was her husband doing this, although he was physically still in prison. She felt scared and very dirty and grew quite sickly. She shared her experience with a friend who told her about our ministry and referred her to us. As I listened to her, the Holy Spirit told me what was going on in her life. She admitted visiting a psychic for consultation. During this visitation, the psychic told her that she would meet a man and she told her in detail how the man would look. Several days later, she met this exact man in prison. I then explained to her that when she sought counsel from the kingdom of darkness, this opened a doorway for Satan to plan her destiny in him, and his intention was to espouse her to a spirit husband. The contract was legalized when she physically married the man whom Satan sent to her. She then confessed that the Lord God had told her three years ago to annul that marriage covenant; but the man would always sound so sad and call people to convince her not to leave him; the people would always bring up God’s word where he say not to divorce. I reminded her that it was not the Lord God who sent that man to her, but it was Satan. I reminded her of the question she asked the Lord about the man and the Lord had showed her in a dream that He did not send him. Also, the Word says, “…what therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” So, I reminded her that God did not join her with that man, Satan did! Therefore, the Lord God would not be upset with her if she were to annul that union; and in the spirit, He would annul the union with the spirit husband. She agreed and the Lord God disconnected her from spirit spouse, spirit child and every spirit that was not of Him in Jesus’ name. (… and by the way, I left out a lot of details). When we keep our affection on the Lord God and our hearts remain in perfect peace, we wait on the Lord and He promises to give us the secret petitions and desires of our heart; and when He does, it will not have any sorrow with it.

Prayers to Break All Enslavement/ Spirit Spouses/ Fertility Cults

Witchcraft in Families

Witchcraft in families has many consequences. One of them could be a

spiritual marriage claim on children where a familiar spirit “marries” a person

and comes regularly during the night to have sexual relationships. A person in

such a demonic “marriage” many times do not marry in the natural because

they have already been claimed; or they do get married, but cannot remain

faithful to the Godly Covenant.

Incubus and Succubus

These spirits are spirits that seek to have sexual intercourse with men and

women during the night hours. Incubus is described as a spirit being that

comes to have intimate relationships with women while they are asleep while

Succubus is described as a spirit being that comes to have relationships with

men in their sleep.

These dream visitors are also called “night husbands and night wives or spirit

husbands and spirit wives.” The demon Mare (nightmare) works with these

spirits, causing dreams of sexual content. (It can manifest as a unicorn —

horse with a horn on forehead. Lilith is known as the nightmare queen.)

“FATHER in the Name of Y’shua (Jesus Christ of Nazareth), I repent on behalf

of myself and those in my family line who had sexual relations with evil spirits,

familiar spirits, dead human spirits, incubus/succubus spirits, and the demon

Mare. I renounce and break any covenant or dedications to the Nephilim,

Lilith, Baal or Belial, Cleopatra, Isis, or Asherah. (Name the spirits

applicable to your family situation)”


“I repent for anyone in my family line that has had any connection, ties, pact or

allegiance to the spirit of harlotry. I repent for all who participated in any

fertility rites or rituals, sacrificed, worshipped, danced before these spirits,

or gave offerings to any fertility gods or goddesses.

FATHER, I repent for all those who had night husbands (spirit husbands) and

night wives (spirit wives). FATHER, forgive us for rejecting You as our

Husband and for our unfaithfulness towards You.

Forgive us for finding comfort from these spirits and for looking to them to fulfil

our desires and needs. I choose to rely and trust in You for everything I need.

Please restore our joy and faithfulness to the Bridegroom.

I now declare a divorce with every familiar spirit that has “married” me in the

spirit and break all ties — body, soul and spirit — with this spirit. In the Name

of Y’shua (Jesus), I declare that your claim over me is now broken! I cancel

every sexual act with you and break the demonic seals that were put in place

by my forefathers.

I repent for those in my family line who were involved in astral travel, dark

practices such as the occult and new age practices. I repent for any

involvement with witches, sorcerers, magicians or “familiar spirits”.

I renounce all night spells, charms, enchantments or allurements used by

witches and warlocks at night. Please close all un-Godly pathways, portals,

cracks or seams into un-Godly realms or the underworld. FATHER, please

remove all defilement and tainting to my body, soul and spirit.

I repent for myself and any of my ancestors who have visited sangomas,

witches or warlocks for their love witchcraft (muti).

I repent of buying, accepting and using their love potions (muti). I repent of

rituals performed, invocations offered up, using of bath potions, washes,

charms and psychic prayers.

I repent of having my body rubbed with ceremonial liquids or allowing

ceremonial liquids to be poured over my body. I repent for having incisions

made on parts of my body and muti rubbed into the wounds.

I repent for the breaking up of marriages, covenants, divorces, and the

destroyed relationships that resulted from having relations with these sexual


I ask that You would break off all false love, lust, hatred, impotency,

frigidity, sickness, and disease that have been caused by these spirits.

I repent on behalf of myself and my family line for all fornication, adultery,

incest, homosexuality, and sexual addiction.

[If you have been sexually abused, break the tie to the perpetrator's

unclean spirit, and the destruction over your life with continual sickness,

disease, and body breakdown.

You may need to fast to pull down the unclean spirit. If it was sexual abuse

through incest, you are certainly dealing with the family unclean spirit.

Try to trace it as much as possible to cut the ties of the unclean spirit.]”

“FATHER, I repent of the family sin of perversion and uncleanness that has

bound my life.

I take accountability for my own sin and pull down the stronghold of an

unclean spirit making bodily functions diseased or bringing me to a place of


I smash the god of Asherah where immorality and sexual perversion and

temple prostitution has been in my family line.

[Hidden temple prostitution is a huge area today. Occult rituals involving

sexual initiations are not only done in occult black witchcraft but in other more

subtle forms of occult practices. It is rife in every nation.]

FATHER, I break the curse of temple prostitution down my family line that

not only opens the door to an unclean spirit and sickness, but also to all

manner of sexual perversion breaking out in the family line.

I break the curse and plagues that come with temple prostitution, especially

in the blood, bowels and sexual organs. I release the Blood of Y’shua

(Jesus) to all the major organs of the body for the cleansing of the Blood of

Y’shua (Jesus).

I break the family curse of temple prostitution with ritualistic abuse, where the

doors have been opened in the spirit for the total destruction of Apollyon.

I break the family curse of being seeded with schizophrenia through the sin

and iniquity that has come down with any temple, sexual abuse, and with

any torment in the night hours of demonic sexual activity.

I repent for all pornography, rape, abuse, masturbation, lust, fantasy, any

un-Godly sexual contact with other people, bestiality (animals), all sexual

perversion, and sex for money.

I repent on behalf of myself and my family line for the shedding of innocent

blood through abortion and human sacrifices. I repent of murder, pride,

greed, rage, hate, jealousy, pretence, falseness, cursing, and lying.

FATHER, on behalf of myself and my family line I repent of having been

involved in acts that showed worship and obedience to satan and his demons

through having sexual relations outside of marriage. FATHER, forgive us for

not following Your Commandments.

FATHER, I repent for allowing these evil spirits to reduce and control my will.

I now choose to put my spirit, will, emotions, mind and body under the

Lordship of Y’shua (Jesus Christ of Nazareth).

FATHER, on behalf of myself and my family line I repent for allowing satan to

use my body as a temple of worship and so giving him power and glory. I

ask You FATHER, to destroy the demonic temple that satan has built within

me with Your Godly Fire.

Now in the Name of Y’shua (Jesus Christ) I renounce and take authority over

Incubus, Succubus, Lilith and Mare, Baal and Belial and every other

strongman not mentioned, and command them to come out of my body, soul,

and spirit.

I take authority over and bind every sexual demon assigned to my tongue,

hands, fingers, breasts, hips, lower back, buttocks, sexual organs or any

other part of my body, in the Almighty Name of Y’shua (Jesus Christ) of


I will no longer serve these demon spirits. I renounce satan and all his works.

I declare a divorce with every one of these sexual demons, in the Almighty

Name of Y’shua (Jesus) of Nazareth.”

Breaking the Triple Cord

When sexual sin takes place, it happens on three levels:

• Your generational demons link with the other person’s generational

demons — (spirit draws spirit)

• Your human spirit connects with the other person’s human spirit.

• Your sex demons link with the other person’s sex demons.

You need to sever these links and declare a divorce on each level.

“FATHER, with the two-edged Sword, I sever all ties and links with every dead

human spirit (generational demons), human spirit, and demon that I was

linked to in every person that I was sexually involved with, in the Name of

Y’shua (Jesus).

I separate these levels one from another and declare a divorce with every

generational demon, every human spirit and every demon that was controlling

the other person/s that I was sexually involved with.

In the Name of Y’shua (Jesus) I renounce every un-Godly spirit and soul tie

with __________________. (Name person/s with whom you have had sexual


FATHER I ask You to cleanse my spirit, my mind and my body in the Name of

Y’shua (Jesus). I now apply the Blood of Y’shua (Jesus Christ) over every

single un-Godly tie.”

Broom of Destruction

“FATHER, sweep with Your Broom of destruction throughout my body, soul and

spirit, and remove every evil spirit still hiding anywhere in my being, in the

Name of Y’shua (Jesus).

I command all confusion to leave and I call back all parts of my spirit and mind

that have been scattered or fragmented.

I ask You to forgive me, wash and cleanse me with the Water of Your Word,

body, soul and spirit, and I ask You to restore my innocence and the glory of

my virginity. As Your child, please restore my Godly dreams from Heavenly


I declare that I now give my body, soul and spirit into the Hands of the

Almighty GOD of Israel as a temple of the Holy Spirit only!

FATHER GOD, please increase my love for You and give me the ability to be

truly faithful and spiritually intimate with You.

Thank You FATHER!”


Marine Spirits

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