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Emptying the Emotional File Cabinet

Updated: Mar 29

I was talking to someone the other day, and what I was telling her, was hitting me. God was trying to tell me, that I had taken my feelings from years of not being able to assert myself, and stuffed them all down, to deal with later. Well, I think the time for dealing with these repressed emotions is now. Some of the mess that the Holy Spirit is revealing to me, are things that were buried for years and perhaps you too are recognizing this to be the case with you. This May Not Apply to All! Have you ever had a time when your home was totally in chaos, and then someone walks up and asks, “Why isn’t dinner ready” Or someone walks up to you and out of nowhere says, “I just don’t like you,” right in the middle of a conversation? OR someone tells you that you are not ''cooking the meal right'' and you should do it, “this way” when in fact, they are not a chef or anything like that, and you may have been masterfully cooking that particular dish for years?

Now, these random attacks could have been caused by hurt, anger, judgment, frustration, or anything that just makes it hard to understand where that other person is coming from. Well, if you (like me) have buried feelings caused by situations like these and filed them away to deal with later, or whenever you are able to get to them, or maybe even have forgotten about these attacks or that painful feelings were even still there, please realize God has not forgotten! If emotions from these past attacks and situations are suddenly bubbling up at moments that seem inopportune, I believe the Holy Spirit is telling us that now is the time to deal with them. So, here’s an exercise for you and me. Take a moment and write down each incident that you buried as the Holy Spirit brings them to mind. Ask the Holy Spirit whatever He wants you to address, and write it down. Give 10 min here. Closing your eyes. Ask Holy Spirit what He wants you to address first, then mentally walk over to the file cabinet, open the drawer and pick that file out of the drawer. Remember, this is an exercise, and you will survive reliving these unpleasant memories. All who have done this have survived, and we only grow stronger as we trust the Holy Spirit to hold us and guide us through the memories. This time we are going to recognize those feelings and hand them over to Jesus for Him to take. Put those feelings that go with that incident into the palm of your hand. Now, raising your hand, ask Jesus to take them for you, and hand them over to Jesus. Now, we are going to take that file, place it on the table and slowly open it, not all files have to be opened. It’s ok, Holy Spirit is with us, directing us, listen to Him. Now, with all of the emotion that went with that incident left aside, open the file. We are still listening to Holy Spirit with our eyes closed, and seeing whatever is in the file that He wants us to address. Can you find Jesus in that incident? Where was He during this time? Can you see him, can you feel His presence, can you hear him? Where is He? Focus on Jesus and He will lead us through this incident. It’s ok, He already has those feelings that went with it. Ask Him to not let you feel or be overwhelmed with the emotions, not as intensely anyway, but only to remember. This situation has already taken place and it can’t hurt you today. You survived when it actually happened, so now that it is in a file, you can survive again. There may be grief involved, but there will be closure. Give 10 min for grieving, processing, or healing. Now, we are going to forgive the person or people involved in that incident. First, its ok to grieve for whatever happened, as there may be a part of you that needs to feel and know that what happened is not acceptable, but you can still forgive. Whatever Holy Spirit is showing you that needs to be addressed with forgiveness, do it. Jesus has this, give all of it to the true Lord Jesus Christ, He is here to help us in all of this. He will accept everything from this incident that you hand Him. Give Him any residual feelings from this incident, go ahead and hand them all to Him. Something else to think about is, what has that other person who has hurt me been through, what have they had to face? What has happened in their life that made them make this particular decision? What led them to this particular place at this particular time? Who is in control of their life? Now, is there anything else that Holy Spirit might show you that needs to be brought out of the file cabinet that can be dealt with? I would like to pray with you today: Father, Almighty God of heaven and earth, I ask that You would come and heal each and every heart that does this exercise, both now and later. Holy Spirit, I ask that You would enter and fill every part, known and unknown, of every person that does this exercise, that You would heal every part of them that has been touched with Your hand. Heal every wound, open every heart for Holy Spirit to come and fill to overflowing, may Jesus be with every one of us. You took our infirmities upon Yourself on the cross. I want to thank You for that and for healing every part that the evil one has harmed. I thank You for giving those parts back to us cleansed and whole. Thank you for helping us to forgive, as Father has forgiven us. Father, I ask that each time You bring an event to mind, we would remember not to stick it in that file cabinet to deal with later, but that You would send Holy Spirit, to remind us to take care of all of it ,right now. That You would help us to forgive the person who has wounded us so badly. Jesus, it is only through You that we can find healing, so I ask that You would walk each and every one of through all of this each and every time we need to do it. I speak healing to the mind, will, emotions and physical body. May the mind of Christ fill you now. Let the balm of Gilead now soothe every raw and wounded place. Let every cell and organism release toxins and receive healing. Every place that has been vacated by evil spirits will now be filled with Holy Spirit and the word of God.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid any retaliation, retribution, backlash, revenge, harassment or punishment and break every strategy of the enemy to come against any of us who are praying right now or at any time in the future including our families, our loved ones, ministries or anything that concerns us. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Amen


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