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Prayer of Repentance for Kundalini

Updated: Mar 28

Heavenly Father, we come before You in awe, wonder, praise, and worship as the Almighty God of all Creation, the only Wise and Living God in the Name and through the Blood of our Savior the true Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Your Son.

We come through the power and guidance of Your Holy Spirit; the ‘Comforter, sent by Jesus, Son of the Most-High God. We call You to be with us as we pray today hear us and forgive us bind the strongman over all attempts of darkness to interfere with this prayer. We petition Father that You would form a hedge of protection around us, our families, our pets, our homes, our land, our possessions, our job and all that concerns us. We declare no fallen angels or their carriers will interfere with this time. Seal us internally and externally, body, soul and spirit with the Blood of Jesus, the Spotless Lamb of God. We petition that no fallen angel or foreign human spirit would be able to take executive control of any part of us that no evil will perpetrate or penetrate. Let us be completely invisible in the spirit and hidden from the enemy. Let no little bird carry our words. Let no evil spirit even know where we are.

We ask You, true Lord Jesus, to arise as our Advocate before the Father to defend and fight for us in the courts of Heaven.

On behalf of ourselves and our generational lines whether biological or surrogate, all the way back to wherever you want it to land, and all the way down to a thousand generations. We bind all mind-blinding deception and cover ourselves in the blood of Jesus.

Judge the works of darkness that have kept us in bondage. Father we R2 for departing from your ways. We ask that you would free us from:

• every other* guidance including spirit guide,

• every fallen angel,

• familiar spirit,

• every dissociated human spirit,

• dead human spirit,

• every witchcraft demon

*Watcher spirit

We take authority over all powers of evil and bind them. Cause them to be blind, deaf, dumb, mute except for the prayers of the saints. Strip time of all ranking, power, illusions, armor and weaponry according to Your Word in Matt.16:19. We bind and command every evil spirit to get to the feet of TL Jesus (True Lord Jesus or Y’eshua used interchangeably).

Father, remove and revoke every ‘legal right’ they may claim to have against us and break all remaining attachments. I petition you, Blood of Jesus, seal every element, water, earth, fire, air in and ether (the fifth element, the spirit) in every time line and dimension-externally and internally so that they cannot be harnessed by the enemy against us.

We petition for a dismantling of every work of darkness being released against us from the North, South, East, West, and the N.E, N.W. S.E. and S.W. that You will pull down every witch watchtower monitoring us by day or by night. We petition that every cardinal point and join within their demonic networks will be covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and that every: access point, exit or entrance, gate, door, tunnel, triangle, window, tube, pipe, channel, portal or worm hole,

in the spirit or in the natural will be covered and sealed with the Blood of TL Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

We petition for a restraining order to be released from Your courts in Heaven against every work of darkness being formed against us by Satan and his agents according to Your Word. Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against us in judgement, you shall show to be in the wrong.”

We stand on Your Word in:

Luke 10:19 “You have given us authority and power to trample and tread upon serpents and scorpions and the physical and mental strength and ability over all the power that the enemy possesses and nothing shall in any way harm us.” We pray Father against all backlash, whiplash counterattack, harassment, sickness, vengeance in the spirit or in the natural by Satan and his agents over us, our family or pets, our finances or relationships against all that we touch and anything that touches us within our spheres of influence as a result of this prayer. Cover us in the canopy of your protection. Set your holy warring angels around us to fight against any enemy that would interfere with this prayer, let us be hidden in the spirit.

Father, Your Word says in Ezekiel 22:30 “I sought for a man among them who would build a barricade or stand in the break to oppose me on behalf of the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one.”

2 Chronicles 7:14 “then if my people who are called by My Name would humble themselves and pray, seek My face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Father, please lead us and to guide us as we pray. Your Word says that You are looking for someone to build a barricade and stand in the gap against the forces of darkness on behalf of the land. That if we humble ourselves and pray and repent, turn from our evil and seek Your Face that You will hear us from Heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.

Father, we willingly stand in the gap for:

• ourselves and every part of us

• our families

• our land

• our nations

We repent of every evil way known and unknown, remembered and forgotten and turn from them so that we, our families, our homes and our land can be healed but most importantly that You will hear our prayers in Heaven.

Father, Your Word says in 1 Samuel 15:23 “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity, idolatry and teraphim, household good luck images. Because we have rejected the Word of God, you have also rejected us from being king’s.”

Father, forgive us for straying so far from Your Truth. We want to go back to the beginning, to repent of where things went wrong, to come into right standing with You, to obey Your Commandments. We stand in the gap and repent. Forgive us for all rebellion in our family. We repent for not obeying Your command to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, blessing and calamity (Genesis 2:16-17). We repent for not discipling/mentoring our family so that our children would walk in your ways.

On behalf of myself and every part of me and my generational lines, whether biological or surrogate, all the way back to the great I am or where ever this prayer needs to land, and all the way down to a thousand generations.


Renounce; Reject (R2):

R2 repent for speaking / listening to the serpent/Satan/Lucifer and heeding his words in preference to Your words.

R2 repent of eating the fruit of the kingdom of darkness and for allowing the seeds of the fruit of the serpent to enter into me.

R2 repent for every act of opening myself to the door of ‘serpent power’ the power of Yoga and to be controlled by: • serpent fire power • the power of the occult • the world of illusions.

R2 the spirit of kundalini that would try to cripple every part of our bodies and cripple us emotionally, mentally, spiritually to render us spineless and powerless.

R2 repent for trying to blame others for our own sin of not obeying Your Word and for opening myself up to anger, hate, bitterness, and disunity. I declare and decree that we break out and rise up out of the stronghold of kundalini walking and leaping in unity praising God. We will run in the full liberty of the Lord. I repent for making You sad by my actions as You said in Genesis 6:6. You “regretted that You had made man on earth,” forgive me for grieving You in Your heart.

R2 repent for:

• the worship of trees

• worship of Kundalini,

• worshipping the power of the goddess/Lucifer and

• to Luciferian spirits

R2 allowing ourselves to be ruled from the inside through the seeds of Lucifer’s fruit. I declare that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and not a temple of Satan, not a temple of kundalini. My body has been bought with a price – the Blood of the True Lord Jesus (TL Jesus) – and I will not be destroyed by being used as a temple of darkness. I will be a sacred container of the Holy Spirit.

R2 repent of any and all authority that I gave Satan whether willingly or unaware, to allow him to use me for his kingdom here on earth; for allowing my creativity to be defiled and to move me into idolatry and to create idolatrous and controlling systems to enslave myself or others.

Father, forgive me being angry at You when things started to go wrong and for not understanding that it was my own actions and choices and generational inheritances that caused me to suffer.

R2 repent for allowing the serpent to twist my perception of Your Nature, for seeing You through the veils of the serpent and for passing on that message to my children for sowing seeds of doubt in their hearts.

R2 repent and ask You to forgive us for our acts of rebellion and witchcraft. We repent of talking to the serpent and for allowing ourselves to be opened up to idolatry and witchcraft.

Father, please forgive us and help us turn from these wicked ways forever. Give us strength to pull down the deceptions of Satan and be set free to tell our children the Truth about the wonderful God of Love who created us.

R2 repent for:

• having yoked ourselves to serpent power through Yoga-(means to yoke) and any other eastern practice including but not limited to: acupressure, acupuncture, altered states of conscience through hypnotism, biofeedback, biorhythms, channeling, Christian science, clairvoyance, clairaudience, color therapy, crystals and gem healing, divination, dowsing rods, dream therapy, energy work, false laying on of hands, flotation therapy, Gestalt therapy, holistic pulsing, Hypnosis, iridology, Kirlian diagnoses, lymphatic drainage, macrobiotics, magnetic therapy, martial arts, meditation, necromancy, numerology, Ouija boards, omens, palm reading, pendulums, polarity therapy, primal therapy, psychic healing, psychometry, pyramid power, psionic medicine, psychic surgery, Radionics, rebirthing (age regression), reflexology, reiki, Rogerian therapy, Rolfing, séances, shamanism, shiatsu, Silva mind control, Thai Chi, tarot cards, therapeutic touch, traditional Chinese medicine, transcendental meditation, Transpersonal psychology, visualization/guided imagery, yoga, Zen therapy.

• for unifying ourselves with serpent power,

• for having union with ‘divine’ occult spirits.

R2 for having joined ourselves body, soul and spirit with serpent fire, for allowing it to burn within us and through us, for allowing serpent fire to come out of our mouths to burn others.

I declare in Jesus’ Name Satan’s master plan to take me and my family’s backbone and every system of our bodies, will not be fulfilled! Our bodies will not be taken into darkness but brought into the glorious Light of the Gospel of Truth.

R2 of our ignorance for entering into any mystical marriage to Lucifer, internally or externally through Yoga or occult initiations.

R2 being yoked by covenant to the serpent through ancient Yogic and other philosophies, teachings and worship of other gods and goddesses and their human incarnations.

R2 repent of all cult worship including serpent worship, tree worship, cow and bull worship, worship of all false light, false fire, false gods, goddesses, false corn, and the false river of life.

R2 repent of covenanting with these spirits of idolatry and for all the false worship they

received from me and my ancestors.

R2 repent for:

• allowing ourselves to being yoked to Lucifer and his agents,

• for being their slaves,

• for carrying their yokes - their ‘yokes of shame.’

• then making slaves of others.

On behalf of self and every part of me and ancestral lines, I will only have one God. The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only One I will worship, and through Him, I’ll worship the Father. In Jesus’ Name I take the cleansing Blood of Jesus that forgives and wash away all pagan worship. Please forgive us Father.

R2 of all satanic initiation in our family line that has released satanic fire. I declare the Blood of Jesus breaks and cancel the satanic initiation and the seven steps into the black abyss.

R2 of satanic worship and the release of kundalini power in my family line and I cut the kundalini power from myself and my bloodline with the Sword of the Lord.

R2 all:

• Luciferian unions,

• Yogic unions,

• covenants,

• marriages,

• nuptial contracts,

• all unnatural joining and connections,

• sexual unions, made with kundalini serpent power with Satan or his agents in our bodies,

souls or spirits or in our minds and proclaim a separation in the spiritual realm between ourselves and these agents.

R2 all inheritances of serpent power and fire.

R2 allowing ourselves to be a vessel of serpent fire and for burning others in our ignorance and pride with it for burning with the passions of Lucifer.

R2 repent and break the baptism of serpent fire up the spine.

R2 repent and break the kundalini fire in my nervous system, electrical system, endocrine system and immune system. R2 the lordship of Satan off my electrical system. I break the demonic charging of electrical currents moving as wheels through my body.

R2 and ask You Father to send Your Fire to burn up every:

• ungodly contract,

• covenant,

• marriage certificate,

• yoke of:

- oppression,

- shame,

- depression and

- slavery,

• slave chain and manacle (handcuff).

• slave ball that has dragged us down.

Lord Jesus, unlock every

• padlock that has kept these yokes in place,

• unlock every slave house and prison with Your keys, and set us free through the power of Your precious Blood.

R2 and cut the soul tie to the familiar spirits of the false prophets, spirits of necromancy in our family lines and the eating of the fruit of evil sense knowledge.

R2 repent cut every soul tie to dead ancestors and ancestor worship including worship of the Saints.

Your Word says in Exodus 7: 9-12 that Aaron’s rod swallowed up the serpents of Pharaoh.

Father, send Your fire to swallow up the all the fires of Satan that burn within us. Kundalini fire and serpent fire I declare the Word of the Lord upon you for the total burning of the head of the serpent.

Serpent fire be extinguished and die! The flow of occultic magic fire will stop, now. The head of the serpent has been bruised by Jesus and all kundalini fire must wither and die.

The false fire will not flow, the false fire will not burn, the flow of kundalini must stop now.

R2 repent for taking part in all secret initiations which involved entering in:

• secret doors,

• tunnels, basements

• temples

• gates of initiation, anything requiring secret codes, hand signs, sign language

• secret gateways and trapdoors

R2 repent for entering into the kingdom of darkness in any of its forms, into the supernatural world, as well as following in the footsteps of any paths leading to doorways that our ancestors opened.

R2 repent for opening ourselves up to the demonic realm through:

• Yogic initiations,

• ordeals,

• sexual initiation,

• play acting,

R2 repent for taking part in:

• meditation,

• rituals,

• unauthorized sex,

• self-denial,

• pain,

• exercises,

• theatre,

• drugs,

• alcohol,

• crafts,

• dancing and

• all forms of divination

• occult practices. R2 anything that opened ourselves up to occult programming.

R2 repent for being blind, proud, arrogant, for choosing to serve Lucifer by walking into darkness, into false light and illumination.

R2 repent the kundalini fire that has destroyed my family lines, their bodies, souls, spirits, minds, wills, emotions and released my family into astral travel into the:

• seven planets,

• seven heavens

• the worship of the constellations – Libra, Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio

• worship of the stars.

R2 break every spiritual tie to star worship and all astral traveling in Jesus Name!

Father, please close and seal off under the Blood of Jesus every:

• door • gate • tunnel • portal • portron *wormhole *threshold *super nova that we or our ancestors have opened into the occult realms.

Father, please bring Your light into any dark places where we, or any part of us may still be

stuck. Father, please send rescue angels to find us and bring us out of realms of captivity into Your presence and the True Light.

R2 kundalini satanic power and declare it will shrivel up and die in our body. I declare the power of TL Jesus fills my body and His anointing is the only power I need.

R2 repent for being stiff-necked, stubborn, rebellious and arrogant in any of our ways.

R2 repent for opening doors into the occult realm, whether knowingly or unknowingly and ask You to forgive us. TL Jesus please close and seal every doorway that should not have been open seal with Your precious Blood.

R2 repent dabbling in all forms of Yoga and the occult whether lightly through exercises, or seriously through study and life dedications. Please forgive me IR2 all forms of Yoga including:

• Hatha Yoga,

• Hot Yoga,

• Laughing Yoga,

• Raj or Raja Yoga,

• Tantra,

• Karma Yoga,

• Jnana Yoga,

• Integral Yoga,

• Patanjali Yoga,

• Bhakti Yoga,

• Shiva Yoga and

• Kundalini Yoga and

• any other form of Yoga not mentioned.

R2 repent all worship of the sun (Ha) and the moon (Tha). I repent of all satanic worship and the release of kundalini power in my family line and I cut the kundalini power from the bloodline.

R2 repent of family depravity to take my family into utter darkness through satanic depravity.

R2 repent for allowing our bodies to be channels for sun and moon worship through the Ida and Pingala nerve channels in our spine.

R2 repent Father for allowing these forces to channel through us to unify within us, to unify us with Lucifer and with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

R2 repent for allowing ourselves to be channelers of Lucifer in the guise of the goddess Kundalini, for allowing her energy and fire to nourish our trees of life within.

R2 renounce every name of Kundalini / Kali / Inanna and any other name I may not know.

R2 renounce:

• her office,

• The power grip of Inanna,

• the poison of Inanna,

• every title of Inanna

o the queen of heaven,

o the one who presides over all the earth,

o the goddess of black death and chronic illness by black magic

o all applicable but not mentioned here.

R2 repent for allowing her to be the ‘tree of life’ and for all the worship of trees that she has inspired for generations, especially the worship of her Asherah tree which You expressly forbid (Dt16:21)

R2 repent for allowing her to stoke our fires of creativity, our fires of passion, our fires of love and sex through the seduction of Yoga and opening the door to the awakening of the kundalini spirit.

R2 repent for allowing her fires to inspire within us dark art; creativity that turned us aside into idolatry flowing through perverted images and symbols that have been created and used to program and deceive people for generations.

R2 repent for allowing ourselves to be programmed by:

• ‘the mother of Yoga’

• the ’bestower’ of Yogic thought, actions and deeds and

• for allowing her to influence our thoughts, actions and deeds.

R2 repent for allowing ourselves for being deceived by kundalini – the fire serpent of hell.

Father, please forgive us for straying so far away from the Truth by dabbling in the occult, for even believing that it was good for us, that Yoga would bring us health and peace of mind and freedom.

Forgive us for defiling ourselves with Eastern witchcraft and calling it ‘spiritual.’ R2 repent of participating in occult prayer through meditation and making contact with demons through psychic visions which is channeling.

R2 repent for receiving any powers from:

• internal worshippers of the Sun and moon,

• allowing ancient occult practices, spirits and methods to channel through me,

• Perpetuating idolatrous systems.

R2 repent of any power and inspirations from the ’mother of Yoga’ please forgive us and set us free from all bondages of Yoga and Yoga practitioners.

R2 cut every soul tie that has been formed in the spirit or in the natural with any Yogic spirit, demon, yoga practitioner, or Guru. Petition Father that You will heal us.

Father, please sever all umbilical cords that keep us being fed and attached to the Mother of Yoga.

Father, destroy by the power of the Name of Jesus every:

• evil spirit,

• dormant satanic fire,

• dormant demonic seed, implanted dormant demonic devices or

• embryos ready to be triggered and activated for use in Satan’s end time purposes be totally destroyed. Send your fire to expose and burn out, all fallen angels or demons that have used our physical bodies as their containers. We stand with you in agreement as you evict them from every organ and hiding place within us forever under the blood and through the name of the TL Jesus. Cleanse us completely with your rivers of life. Fill every vacated place again with Your Holy Spirit Seal us off completely from ever again being accessed by these wicked spirits. We send them to the feet of Jesus for his determination.

Father, we bring our Arbor Vita (reproductive life force) and give it back to You asking that You wash us in the Blood of Jesus and remove all:

• demonic deposits,

• traces,

• all demonic bark,

• growths,

• parasitic plants,

• all demonic bugs, webs, and

• viruses.

Where my spirit has been fed by the underground streams of the occult, Father, I ask you to dry up those streams and replace them with the crystal-clear waters of the River of Life that flows out of Your Throne (Revelations 22:1).

Father, take ownership of every part of us and we return to you all:

• Evil roots, tap roots• hair roots,

• we give You the trunk, • bark,

• cambium • the sap • the branches,

• twigs• stems• leaves• seeds and

• fruit of our trees

Please wash us clean so that we can be used to bear good fruits for the healing of the nations.

R2 repent for allowing my spirit to be used by the serpent Lucifer and his agents to tap into the tree of the knowledge of good and evil whether willingly or unaware.

Father, please help us to turn from the craftiness and seduction of the world and return to purity under the blood of Jesus.

R2 repent for:

1. being deceived and tricked by the ‘subtle’ serpent for engaging with him, and for being taught and coming under the influence of ’ways of the serpent’ of Eastern witchcraft,

2. allowing Kundalini power to flow through me, psychic energy to flood through me, to allow our conscious, unconscious, subliminal minds to be controlled by serpent power,

3. allowing any seduction of Yoga exercising that has opened the door to the awakening of the kundalini,

4. for using the powers of

- hissing,

- murmuring,

- whispering,

- magic spells,

- occult incantations,

- prayers and

- enchantments to

- mentally delude me,

- morally seduce me and

- greatly deceive me.

R2 and cut off every soul tie to familiar spirits of false prophets, false diviners, and witchcraft in my family line and eating of the fruit of evil sense knowledge. By faith, I declare and decree it is finished, the evil tree of kundalini serpent power will die in my life. The fruit of the flesh will die. I will know the Truth and the Truth will set me free!

R2 repent:

• for taking ‘crafty council’

• for consulting and

• using my money to pay those who use occult powers,

• for allowing- myself- my families, and- our finances to come under their and demonic influences.

R2 the false holy spirit of the New Age and old age paganism and the counterfeit holy spirit.

R2 repent for these actions and renounce any benefit that I obtained from these practices for:

• coming under any financial usury (the lending of money at a very high rate of interest),

• interest schemes of Lucifer and his servants

• blaming You for financial lack and

• not understanding the legal rights that we have given away to them through our own sin.

R2 repent for sowing and reaping into and being bound by the Luciferian control systems of finance in this world. Father, forgive us for allowing the enemy to fill us with so much fear over

money and money issues and for allowing ourselves to be ruled by sprits of fear, the same spirits that operate in witchcraft.

Father, please sew up all the holes in our pockets and bags so that our money will not fall out through them anymore

R2 of the pride of reason and the pride of skepticism and independence from God that occurs when bound to the false tree.

R2 of becoming ‘the tree itself’ from yogic practices and receiving witchcraft soul power that comes from the power of knowledge.

R2 of the false power that comes from the power of knowledge. R2 of the false power source and the tree of knowledge as the source of magic.

Father, forgive us for allowing Satan’s principalities to rule over us and for not fully understanding that You are and always will be the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe and You are the True ‘King’ here on earth.

R2 repent all witchcraft and witchcraft currents, in us, flowing over or through us:

• occult whispering *peeping • murmurings and• divination powers,

• all psychic soul powers and • energies.

R2 my eyes being opened according to the fruit of carnal knowledge of trying to become or having become a god myself– I repent of that iniquity and sin.

Father, please will You:

• dry up all hereditary witchcraft currents,

• dry up the powers to control others through manipulation and fear,

that have flowed through us and our bloodlines,

• dry up all patrilineal and matrilineal witchcraft and occult power

that has been handed down to us by our ancestors

• break the power of all occult psychic heritages.

Where our spiritual senses have been rendered powerless by the serpent – I

R2 repent of seeing the serpent and hearing its voice.

In the Name and through the Blood of Jesus, I break the power of the poison of the serpent’s bite to keep me in a trance state, eating from the same poisonous tree.

Help us each day Father to have more and more trust in Your ways and to understand that You are the Source of everything and in You there is no lack. Father, please replace all occult power with the True Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Yahweh, and realign our internal structures with Your Nature to make us full of compassion and love.

Father we R2 repent for:

• channeling the creative powers of the goddess Kundalini

• for allowing her to inspire us in the inner chambers of our minds.

• To influence us to make perverted images, sculptures, paintings and dance

• all kinds of dark works of our hands,

• for idolatrous purposes, that feed more and more power back to her.

R2 repent for bowing down to worship them, even in the secret places of our inner minds and hearts, with our bodies, wills and emotions and even our money.

R2 repent of giving You glory for our idolatrous creativity when in fact we were channeling demons.

R2 repent for allowing Lucifer to be worshipped through the work of our hands, through the idolatry inspired by Kundalini energy, for worshipping him knowingly, and unknowingly as a ‘goddess.’

R2 repent for allowing him to channel through us as the ’goddess within’ or the ‘god within’. We repent Father for channeling:

• Luciferian spirits,

• Evil, wrong spirits,

• demons,

• for channeling evil, murderous spirits.

R2 repent Father for twisting and bending our bodies through Yoga as a sign language welcoming the demonic.

R2 repent allowing demons to enter us, for bowing down in worship of the sun and moon through these positions.

R2 repent for opening ourselves up to the goddess to enter into us through the Yoga ’lotus’ position.

R2 and repent of all alliance to the universe as the male generative power and the lotus flower as the sun god of Hinduism.

R2 repent of worship of Venus/ Lucifera (the female side of Lucifer), in all her disguises and names:

• Isis,

• Semiramis,

• Kali,

• the black Madonna,

• the black Venus,

• Venus the goddess of love,

• the fire witch,

• the great mother,

• mother nature,

• the grandmother-Baba Yaga,

• the Queen of heaven,

• the Virgin Mary

• and a myriad more.

R2 repent for • singing songs to her • turning myself into her image • for idolizing her statues and paintings of her * for wishing to be 'beautiful' like her.

R2 repent for all worship of the winged goddess Lilith, for making images of her as ‘the fairy’ and putting her on top of Christmas trees in our homes thus opening doors to make her welcome. Lilith is in fact the spirit of child sacrifice and death.

R2 repent for dressing our children as her in the form of ‘fairies,’ for teaching our children about the occult spirit world and opening their spirit eyes.

R2 repent of:

• all goddess worship,

• the worship of the ‘goddess Kunda or Kundalini within’

• the ‘whore within’

• for being secret whores and

• for channeling her ’force’ her occult powers through

- sexual bewitchment,

- enchantment,

- control and

- manipulations.

R2 repent for having declared that we believed that she,“the goddess,” was the seat of

absolute knowledge, through the teachings of Yoga and New Age.

R2 of opening the doors of kundalini to:

• clairvoyancy,

• astral projection,

• the psychic realm and

• magic power and

• for allowing the total destruction of the king over the bottomless pit Apollyon to afflict us.

R2 renounce allowing ‘her’ to be awakened in us, through all of our sensory, perceptions - sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, through the lusts of our eyes, flesh and minds.

We declare that we will only be awakened by the Truth of the Living God – not by the

awakening of divination, not by the awakening of kundalini power.

I declare kundalini power will shrivel up and die; be crushed and totally destroyed in Jesus Name.

R2 repent for allowing serpent power or any spiritual serpent to be

coiled at the base of our spines, for giving cobra and python a ‘house.’

We R2 and renounce any channeling:

• of this evil ‘soul power’

• of this double-faced spirit of, both good and evil,

• of uncontrolled anger, hate, the murderous ‘force of the Nazi vril’ and

• of the healing bliss of beauty and passive ‘goodwill to all men,' making us unstable and unpredictable.

Father we R2 from the very deepest parts of our beings and for your forgiveness.

Thank You for being so patient with us for all these centuries, thank You for

not killing us off – death is the punishment for witchcraft in Your Word – and

for allowing us to come to a place of understanding so that we can repent.

I declare separation from the vile of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light.

Father, please take the Blood of Jesus and wash through every channel in us, in the natural and in the spirit and cleanse them from:

1. all contamination and traces of occult powers, god and goddess worship

2. all inherited programming that would keep us channeling or worshipping:

• any god or • goddess or • Lucifer • Satan • the serpent.

R2 the seven zodiacs and seven planets worshipped in kundalini.

R2 the seven wheels of the chakras and the seven metals worshipped by each chakra.

R2 all planet, zodiac, sun, moon, star worship, all idols associated with them in my family line and the worship of the male generative power of the celestial bodies of the universe.

In Jesus’ Name I remove every seal of kundalini power also myself and my generational lines. Cease the flow of the false power NOW! Under the blood of Jesus, I dry up the river of hellfire flowing through me and my bloodline, the Egyptian river Nile (Denile programming too) will not flow through my body with the roar of the sun god Ra, bringing blackness and death. By the stripes the true Lord Jesus Christ we were healed! Therefore, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24).

We petition the Lamb of God, who has all power to break demonic seals, to break them now:

• over all occult powers

• cut us free from all soul ties to Lucifer/ Venus

• delete all programming to make us worship him

• break all demonic seals that would keep us bound to do so

• reseal us with the Blood of Jesus

• cut every cord of magic power and worship of the sun god, moon goddess and fire god in the body. It is sin in the Eyes of God. Only Yeshua can break the Seven Seals.

Revelation 5:5 “Then one of the elders [of the heavenly Sanhedrin] said to me, Stop weeping! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root (Source) of David, has won (has overcome and conquered)! He can open the scroll and break its seven seals!” He who holds the seven stars Revelation 2:1-

"To the angel (messenger) of the assembly (church) in Ephesus write:

These are the words of Him Who holds the seven stars [which are the

messengers of the seven churches] in His right hand. Who goes about

among the seven golden lamp stands [which are the seven churches]:”

The Seven-fold Holy Spirit, the Seven attributes of God.

Revelation 5:6 “And there between the throne and the four living creatures

(beings) and among the elders [of the heavenly Sanhedrin] I saw a Lamb

standing, as though it had been slain, with seven horns and with seven eyes,

which are the seven Spirits of God [the sevenfold Holy Spirit] Who have

been sent [on duty far and wide] into all the earth.”

R2 all double mindedness and being unpredictable in our emotions and we ask that You:

• stabilize us with Godly emotions so we can have Godly anger and response

* cause us to be genuinely kind, loving and full of compassion for others; we declare that we will only worship You.


R2 repent for the 'worship’ of the Caduceus, the cross of Freemasonry, the cross of Lucifer, the cross of Diana, for not understanding that it is a symbol of the occult healing power of the serpent, and representative of the Sacred ‘Yogic” marriage.

R2 repent, for raising this symbol over every institution of healing, hospitals, chiropractic and the medical profession, for not understanding the occult power that we are bringing people under in the name of healing.

R2 repent for turning to the healing powers of man first and not to you the Great Healer YH Rapha.

R2 repent for all:

• oaths taken in the name of other gods and goddesses,

• especially to the occult healer Asclepius, a type of false Christ, and

• bringing people under false systems that keep them drugged, robbed of true healing and their money, and destroy their faith in You, Father.

Father, we R2 repent all occult power released by this symbol especially the

witchcraft power of the Caduceus to’ put us to sleep.’ Please cleanse our eyes and all our subliminal responses to not be triggered or activated every time we see it to worship Lucifer, the false healer.

R2 break legal rights and stronghold that this image has over our minds or our subconscious mind that would make us believe that the “healing modalities” of this world are greater than anything you can do through your healing power. Please, forgive us for not trusting you and set us free in the Name of Jesus.

R2 repent of tapping into the occult to try to heal others by using ‘alternative methods’ rooted in Eastern witchcraft. Forgive us Father for not realizing that YOU are the God who heals and for not consulting You first. We petition Father that You would take the Blood of Jesus and wash every cell and function of our conscious, unconscious and subliminal minds and release us from all occult mind control through symbols, colors, occult associations and testimonies of false healing.

R2 break the electro-magnetic charges put into my body by the strongman of death and hell, Apollyon, king over the bottomless pit.

R2 break the lordship of Satan off my electrical systems and break the demonic charging of electrical currents through my body.


We bring our whole spinal structure under the Blood of TL Jesus Christ and we ask You Father to cleanse our spines from all use by the occult, Luciferian powers and all other evil practitioners.

R2 repent for opening the door to the demonic realm whether willingly, unwillingly, or unaware.

R2 all places where kundalini fire has been released into my body as counterfeit fire through

• occult surgery • injury • witchcraft initiations or

• rape – as a child or adult • satanic, luciferic, occultic dedication • sudden trauma *accidents and everything applicable but not mentioned (ask Holy Spirit to reveal).

Please remove all defilement as I bind and break off all spirits of terror, shock, helplessness, anger, fits of rage, panic attack, brain static, body spasms, incurable sickness, breathlessness, sleep deprivation, mental illness, loss of appetite, sensitivity to light, sound, touch, smell, taste, or vision, destruction of relationships, everything suffered from putting me into bondage to the evil one, all of you evil spirits be bound and get to the feet of Jesus for his determination, you foul spirits, never return again.

I declare that the fire of Jesus swallows up the fire of kundalini and bruises his head.

I declare in Jesus’ Name my spine is not and will not be the royal highway to the throne of Lucifer and his strategy to bruise my head and destroy me with kundalini fire will not succeed! This power of Kundalini will be utterly destroyed with the Blood of Jesus.


Father, we bring the Ida, the Pia mater (soft mother), the left spinal cord under the Blood of Jesus and we ask You to cleanse it right up to the left nostril and into our brains, from all goddess feminine forces and from all kundalini fire that do not come from You.

We ask You Father to cleanse it from:

• all worship and programming to make us worship the moon, • from all ungodly negativity,

• from all programming to make us lethargic, gross, and insensitive, • from all triggers and codes connected to the color blue.

I submit every system in my body to the total Lordship of Jesus Christ and break every seal of kundalini off every system in my body.

We petition Father that You will:

• utterly blot out with the Blood of Jesus every assignment of Rahu the

Dragon’s Head over our left spinal cord, our left sides

• disconnect us from the Lunar dragon and the north node of the moon

• cleanse every cord and pathway that would keep us attached to this

dragon and under the control systems of Saturn and Gemini. Father where there has been an open door through this left spinal cord to keep us programmed to worship

• the dragon, • the moon or • the goddess, please close and seal it with the Blood of Jesus.

R2 every legal right for Lucifer to operate through this channel to pervert or distort our God given feminine energy, we place that legal right under Your feet Jesus.

R2 repent of the false gifts of serpent magic signs and wonders of psychic power.

R2 cut the psychic energy of the pyramid off my entire body and the vibrations of pain through psychic power.

Father, we bring this place, the fountain head - the Caput before You and we petition that this will not be a fountain head for any

• fallen angel • Lucifer or • his servants, but a fountain-head for You and for Your Holy Spirit.

R2 break every legal right off my brain as being the throne or seat of the serpent and I invite You, Lord Jesus, to come and take Your place and be Lord and King over my life and the life of my family. We rededicate this 'channel' to You Father and we ask You to close it down

as a channel for occult use by Lucifer/Satan and his servants from this day forward. Restore to us the true soft, gentle nature of this chord which You ordained when You created man.


Father, we bring the Pingala, the Dura mater (hard mother), right channel of our spinal column under the Blood of True Jesus and we ask You to cleanse it right up into our right nostril and into our brain from all worship of other gods and their masculine forces which do not come from You Father. We ask You to cleanse it from all worship and programming of the Sun, from all ungodly positiveness, ungodly healing anger, rage, passions, poisonousness and from all deviousness.

We petition that You will utterly blot out with the Blood of Jesus all:

• assignments of Ketu the Dragon’s tail,

• the Cauda over the right spinal cord and

• our right sides and

• disconnect it from the tail of the Lunar dragon and

• the south node of the moon and

• cleanse every cord and pathway that would keep us connected and programmed to this dragon or under the controls systems of Mars.

Father, where there has been an open door through this channel to program us to worship the Sun or other gods, we ask You to close and seal it with the Blood of Jesus.

R2 the serpent in the garden or our minds will be totally expelled. My mind will go back to the original state in the Garden and I declare that the seat of the serpent is forever broken!

Father where there has been a legal right for Satan and his agents to operate

through this channel to pervert or distort our God given masculine energy we place that legal right under Your feet Jesus. I declare the spirit of our minds be loosed from every chain of bondage forever. My head and body will stop being bruised by the serpent masters blows.

R2 the mastery and ownership of my mind and body by the serpent.

Father, we bring every Nadi in our bodies, the nerve channels that carry solar and lunar energy under the Blood of Jesus and we ask You to cleanse them.

R2 where the serpent has opened my false prophetic eyes, sensitized my nervous system and even brought loss of vision to my natural eyes and paralysis to my physical body.

I declare in Jesus’ Name the closing of my carnal sense knowledge, the shutting down completely of all serpent senses. Father, through the Blood of Jesus please flush out of me all • serpent anger • the rage of fallen angels • all poisons • all deviousness.

Father, we do not want to be hard hearted in any way neither do we want to be fools, so we ask You to replace hardness with Godly wisdom so that we can be just, fair, honest and full of integrity, kind, gentle and compassionate.

R2 the office of the magi and the knowledge of the magician. I will be a true prophet, priest, and king of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please replace all ungodly anger and responses with Godly anger and teach us more and more to rely on You in every situation, not to be ruled by our emotions.

In the Name of Jesus, I separate in the spirit the precious from the vile; false prophet, priest and king. R2 repent all latent soul power connected to my soul. R2 the psychic power of witchcraft command it to be driven out of my mind, head, brain, and body in Jesus Name!


Father we bring under the Blood of Jesus our:

• Sushumna the central spinal column,

• the grounding neutral spinal cord

• the Arachnoid layer,

• the Canalis Centralis,

• our’silver cords’

• our perineum,

• cervix (the tree of life –Plica palmatae)

and we ask You to cleanse it from our tail bones/sacrum to the Pineal glands and the crown of our heads.

R2 repent for allowing this channel to be the used by the powers of Lucifer, the spiraling energies to form a frequency bridge for the goddess to coil and entwine around our spines, to influence and control us and to make us control others. I R2 and disconnect from:

• Hecate,

• Diana Lucifera

• Kunda,

• Kundalini,

• Kula Kunalini,

• Kundalini-Shakti,

• Bhujangini or Avadhuti,

• the I Am anti-christ,

• new age and yogic serpent power,

• the powers of the dark goddess Kali,

• Chamunda/ Chinnamasta/Shyama,

• the false bride Cailleach,

• Lilith.

• Sheela-na-gig,

• the black crone,

• El Ka’ba, the ‘old woman,

• the hidden initatrix,

• the fire serpents of the false trinity,

• kali or any other goddess,

R2 on behalf of myself or my generational lines being carriers of:

• Lucifer spirits,

• false fire, false healing, false powers, false signs and wonders, false hope,

• false light, false prophecy, false visions and images,

• soul light or radiance, soul power,

• for allowing it to be awakened in us through occult eastern Yogic

witchcraft, black, white and grey magic,

• to allow it to awaken dormant and latent occult powers of annihilation, murder, hell, death and destruction in us through meditations rituals.

Father, please set us totally free from the hideous powers and influences of Kali

• which we have evoked through Yoga practices,

• from all coverings and assignments of her Digambari,

• her nakedness,

• of her Elokeshi, hair curtains of death, her black coverings and veils of death,

• from powers of the garland of fifty human heads she wears

• from all powers of the letters of the Sansrit alphabet,

• her cup of blood,

• the power of her scythe, sword, dagger and trident, her sickle of decapitation,

• from her snake bands,

• her repository of power assigned to them.

Including all Sound:

Please, Father, release us from all triggers and subliminal responses from the sound elements of these Sanskrits letters and the powers of all mantras using them and from all occultic sound portals. (Kundalini is also described as the origin of primordial sound. The muladhara chakra is called the birth place of all sound.)

R2 all sound activation of the chakras and kundalini under the Blood of Jesus and I declare the airwaves belong to the Lord!

Father, where we have given Kali a legal right to cut off our heads and use our mental faculties to establish Satan’s kingdom here on earth, where she now wears them as trophies in her garland, will You redeem our heads and replace them so that we can be totally functional.

Redeem our minds and memories. I declare a complete bruising and crushing of the head of the serpent and his false authority over my mind, my thoughts, my behavior, responses, memory – conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious mind. We bring every legal right and place then under Your feet Lord Jesus. “The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force” (Matt 11:12). I take back the sabotage of my mind and the spirit of my mind.

R2 giving Kali legal right to control my mind through Yoga. On behalf of myself and every part of me and my ancestral lines, I repent and ask You to forgive us. I claim the promise of total renewal of the spirit of my mind!

Father, we petition that You will release us and our hands from the powers of the girdle of ‘cut off’ hands that Kali wears. I declare Kali will not cut off or control the power of my hands. My hands will be used as instruments of love and compassion; I will lay them on the sick and they will be healed in Jesus’ Name.

Father, where we have given Kali legal right to control, ‘cut off’, and use the work of our hands because of the doors we have opened through Yoga or any other occultic practice that uses Kundalini serpent power source, we repent and ask You to restore the original purpose of our hands.

R2 repent of the seven wheels of fire up my spine and the wheels of fire in the hands and feet. I repent of kundalini power in my hands and feet.

R2 break every alliance with magic that was made to any parts of my body.

R2 repent for being channels of the power of the:

• tongue of kali,

• the Raja –Guna, kinetic forces which give impetus to all activities,

• for allowing her powers to govern our eyes our third (inner) eye,

• for her to feed us not only with her creativity but also her powers of annihilation and destruction.

R2 repent of all serpent fire in my throat and voice box. Father, please forgive us for being so ignorant and truly not knowing what we are doing.

R2 repent for allowing this evil spirit rights of life and death over us through opening ourselves up to her through witchcraft and ask that You release us from:

• the downward spiral of the Tamas-inertia,

• the draining inertia of Kali,

• from her sacrificial sword,

• her swords of physical extermination,

• from her primordial power Adyasakti and

• power to cut ‘threads of bondage’ our silver cords.

R2 repent for allowing Kali into our lives, our families and our bloodlines. Please forgive us, for we surely do not know what we are doing when we get ourselves involved in Eastern witchcraft.

R2 repent of tantric yoga and sex magic in my family line and the sin of serpent intimacy, seduction, eroticism and perversion.

R2 break the ritual circle and all ritual cycles of birth, death and decay and the never-ending cycle of reincarnation.

R2 being sucked into the blackness of Nirvana, we now turn our backs and rebuke, bind and loose ourselves from this evil spirit Kali forever and ever and we ask You to, rescue us, deliver us and set us free with no form of backlash in the spirit or in the natural, over us our families or pets.

Father where this Kundalini serpent fire has been activated through

• accidents,

• trauma,

• childbirth,

• rape,

• satanic ritual abuse,

• sodomy or

• any form of ritual,

where it has been awakened through no fault of our own, we ask You Jesus

to go to every

• door,

• gate,

• conduit

• tunnel and

• channel, that was opened to activate this false power and close and seal them with

Your precious Blood and heal every wound and trauma. We petition Father that every legal right be now under Your feet and for an eviction order for the evil spirit Kali to be issued and released from the courtrooms of heaven. Send bailiff angels to evict her and all her offspring out of us and our ancestral lines now.

Father, where we have suffered repercussions of the kundalini spirit and where these repercussions have been passed down and inherited through our family lines, we ask You to heal us and make us whole again.

R2 break off every area where kundalini awakening, voluntarily and involuntarily, has caused the following disturbances we ask you to cover each in the blood of Jesus and to bring perfect healing and alignment:

  disturbance of the brain

  psychological disturbances

  awakening of dormant diseases

  weight loss or gain

  food cravings

  out of the body experiences

  meditation for hours

  sitting in a Yoga position



  believing that divinity has come to take you home

  distortion of time and space

  loss of consciousness

  emotional disturbance

  a sense of chaos descending

  fear and anxiety

  anorexia or bulimia

  visions or hallucinations


  changes in breathing patterns

  a sudden shift in values

  major impact on relationships

  suicidal thoughts



  strange sounds coming from inside the body

  profound stillness

  chronic fatigue

  anxiety disorders



  nerve problems.

Experts in Kundalini write very clearly about the dangers of wrong activation and awakening of kundalini, that it can cause psychosis and can be mistaken for schizophrenia or psychiatric disorders and even Alzheimer’s disease and senility. Those Doctor’s with training and understanding of Kundalini say that without “Kundalini awareness” the following maladies may be improperly diagnosed:

  Chronic fatigue - MS


  Anxiety disorders


  nerve problems.

R2 break every assignment and yoke of the four Hindu ages:

• the Krita- yuga,

• Treta-Yuga,

• Dwapara-Yuga,

• the Kali Yuga,

and all yokes of - occult Eastern witchcraft and philosophy and break from the yoke of Kali.

R2 break the legal rights of the serpent to take the top of the tree, the roots or trunk into bondage and then arrest the whole body in the secret mysteries of witchcraft. I break Kali’s dominion, rulership and reign under the blood of Jesus. I will only have the Mind of Christ.

R2 coming under all eastern occult philosophies instead of believing the Holy Bible the Word of God.

We ask You to forgive us Father and wash our:

• minds • images • memory banks.

In Jesus Name, I command the spirit that causes paralysis to come out of the five lobes of the brain.

I command the spirit that causes paralysis out of the glands of:

• the mid brain,

• out of the thalamus,

• out of the hippocampus,

• the amygdala

• out of the pituitary gland.

I command all psychic power to come out of the five sections of the mid brain in Jesus Name. Through the blood of Jesus, I cut away with the Sword of the Spirit the golden triangle that brings paralysis to the brain.

I cleanse all psychic power out of the five lobes and destroy the power of the serpent and iniquity lodged into:

• the frontal lobe,

• temporal lobe,

• occipital lobe,

• parietal lobe and

• the cerebellum.

R2 break all lines of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth chakras making up the golden triangle and command total eradication and bruising of the head of the serpent under the blood of Jesus. Lord Jesus, please cleanse every area and replace every lie and deception of the serpent with Your Truth. I claim my inheritance in YOU and declare the serpent will be destroyed as ashes under your feet.

R2 break the power of the destroyer “kundalini kali” I command her to shrivel up and die under the tree of Calvary. The Cross has bruised the head of kundalini serpent. It is written: Jesus bruised your head FOREVER (Genesis 3:15; Colossians 2:14-15).

Father, forgive us for at any time being filled with:

• false” holy” spirits of New Age,Yoga and occult,

• false ‘breath’

• the chi of China,

• the Ki or Prana of India, and

• false “holy” spirits of the West, false charismatic “holy spirits,” for not heeding Your Word that we must carefully discern the spirits (1 John 4:1-21).

Forgive us for opening ourselves up to and speaking and prophesying with the ‘false tongues” of other religions, the ’false’ tongues of the occult.

R2 repent all evil spirits that control our speech centers. Cleanse with the Blood of Jesus our:

• tongues,

• vocal cords,

• voices boxes and

• lingual capacities,

• the speech center of our brain and

• optic centers

deliver us from all ‘other spirits’ that would masquerade as Your Spirit. Father, forgive us for answering the counterfeit call of Inanna, the ’hidden goddess’ through Yoga and every other occultic practice using the Kundalini serpent as a power source and not discerning the true calling of God.

Father, we bring every Chakra, the seven

• primary,

• lower.

• middle and

• higher chakras

along our spines, in our hands, feet and genitals before You now in Jesus Name.

R2 and break every kundalini fire seal that was placed upon us to lock us up, stop us from gaining Godly knowledge and power, and to keep us enslaved and ignorant.

I ask you TL Jesus to pull out the poison of the kundalini serpent, cleanse, close and seal every area afflicted under the Blood of Jesus. Kundalini fire, serpent fire, will be extinguished now under the blood of Jesus.I declare the Word of God: “By His stripes I am healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

We bring all associated glands under the Blood of Jesus.

1. The Muladhara Root chakra, seed, support charka and its 4 spokes or petals,

associated with the gonads, kidneys, spinal column and the sense of


2. The Svadishthana / Swadhishthana Sacral chakra or pelvic, genital chakra,

its 6 petals or spokes, associated with the adrenal glands, the

reproductive system and the sense of taste.

3. The Manipura/Manipraka Solar Plexus chakra navel charka and its 10 spokes or

petals. Associated with the pancreas, stomach, liver, gall bladder,

nervous system and the sense of sight.

4. The Anahat Heart charka its 12 petals or spokes, associated with the

thymus, heart, circulatory system and the sense of touch.

5. The Visuddha Throat chakra and its 16 petals or spokes.

Associated with the thyroid gland, bronchial tubes, vocal chords and

lungs. The sense of hearing is also connected to this chakra.

6. The Ajna/ Savikapa/ Samai Brow chakra and its 96

petals or spokes. Associated with the pituitary gland, lower brain and

left eye and all dedications to the sun god RA.

7. The Sahasrara- Padma/ Nirvakelpa/ Samaghi/ Nirvana Brow chakra its

1000 petals or spokes. Associated with the pineal gland, upper brain

and right eye and all dedications to the sun god RA.

8. The Shiva Crown chakra as well as all connections in our hands, feet and genitals, we bind all your serpent power and break you off under the Blood of TL Jesus.

In the Name of Jesus, let all serpent fire in my body be destroyed.

R2 and break off all power of the kundalini serpent of hell, all her spinning wheels of energy, and serpent power under the blood of Jesus. I will not be connected to or used for demonic Networks.

In the Name of TL Jesus, I dry up the flow of occultic magic power – it stops now.

R2 the so-called awakening of consciousness of the universe.

The huge volume of fire burning with intensity, hellfire, will cease now, in

Jesus Name. I send in the Water of the Word of YHVH; cause this ungodly fire to go out. Occult magic power you shrivel up and die. The serpent fire was extinguished at the Cross under the Blood of Jesus.

Father we place these seven:

• windows

• gates of our soul

• inner portals/ doors under the Blood of Jesus.

R2 repent of clairvoyant magic power flowing with lust for more magic power.

R2 break the fire serpent off my pituitary gland and master gland. Demonic

fire on my eyes, nose, sinuses and spinal cord – be extinguished now under the blood of Jesus and through the washing of the water of the Word.

R2 repent for allowing these spiritual windows to be used to block out Your True Light or to be opened through occult eastern witchcraft allowing false light to enter into us.

Father where these windows have been:

• bolted,

• barred,

• locked,

• covered with shutters and blinds, by our rebellion and sin through:

• occult programming,

• Yogic or other witchcraft,

• through emotional shut-down or by trauma, we repent and ask You that in Your perfect timing You would

• unlock,

• unbar and

• open every window to allow us to receive the True Light and the Truth of the Word of God.

R2 every assignment of Satan and his servants to use these chakras to control us as:

• wheels,

• spinning wheels,

• rotating wheels,

• discs, plates,

• flowers.

I repent of the fire wheel chakras releasing kundalini fire and power to:

• the sexual organs,

• colon,

• urinary tract,

• bowels,

• legs,

• arms,

• bones,

• vertebrae,

• coccyx,

• stomach,

• solar plexus,

• adrenal glands,

• muscles,

• liver,

• lungs,

• gall,

• pancreas,

• joints,

• chest,

• skin,

• immune system,

• thymus gland,

• blood circulatory system,

The fire of Hades will come out of us now in Jesus Name. This demonic fire will

stop burning our bodies internally and externally now.

In the Name of TL Jesus, I command the flow of satanic fire burning in me to stop, be arrested and removed out of me, now.

Father, where the fire serpent through the chakras:

• monitored,

• measured

• controlled the amount of light we receive, even blocking it out,

I relinquish these psychic control centers out of the control of Satan in the name of TL Jesus.

R2 all Satanic ownership of my eyes, nose, ears and mouth as the center of worship to bruise my entire being and that all serpent control will be utterly neutralized; that You will de-program our chakras from all occult external control. We cover them and all recorded information on them with the precious Blood of Jesus wiping them completely clean.

Father place under your control all:

• chakra spinning wheels and rates,

• seeds,

• petals and

• flowering undulations.

We R2 all counterfeit flowers and desire to be the True Flowering of Your True Priesthood.

We petition that every petal, seed and spoke of our flowers will be protected by you, that all wheels will be stripped from every occult assignment to harness, control, and activate us, through the letter seals of the Sanskrit alphabet and cause their sound elements, all frequencies, all sounds, and colors will be broken under the blood of Jesus.

I declare all sound portals to our chakras will be closed and sealed under the Blood of Jesus.

We petition against all forms of mind control through the using of:

• the spinning of these charkas,

• the sounds assigned to each charka,

• the numbers of each chakra,

• the musical notes,

• alphabetical letters assigned to each chakra

• the colors, symbols, shapes and vibrations of each chakra will be blocked under the Blood of Jesus

We petition that:

• all the charka stems and

• connections to our spinal cord,

• to every nerve channel,

• to our Adrenal,

• Gonads,

• Pancreas,

• Thymus,

• Thyroid,

• Pineal and

• Pituitary glands,

• to our genitals,

• pelvic regions,

• navels,

• hearts,

• throats,

• brows and

• the crown

will be cleansed healed and restored with the Blood of Jesus.

R2 repent of:

• the occultic formation of the golden triangle on my face and the bridge of the nose,

• the spirit of death lodged in the nose and passages from the nose and

• the fires of hell burning like the lake of fire,

• the stench of death will break off my brow chakra.

Father we truly repent and ask You to Forgive us for allowing our:

• God-given channels of light,

• the internal windows of Heaven and

• all our organs to be opened and used through Yogic witchcraft and by occult to allow them to control us internally.

Father, where these chakras can be activated by our five senses, we ask that the Blood of Jesus will filter out all occult activations, that You will place within us “Holy Spirit’ alarms to alert us when this is happening.

We ask that the Blood of Jesus will wash over and cleanse:

• senses,

• olfactory organs,

• Limbic systems,

• every receptor in our bodies,

• brain stems,

• sacral plexus and

• every other plexus in our bodies,

• all nerve centers,

• central nervous systems,

• parasympathetic nervous systems,

• navel cords,

• the mammalian portions of our brains,

• our memory banks short and long term,

• cortex,

• kidneys,

• lungs,

• hearts,

• Optic Thalami,

• the ‘eye of our soul’ the pineal gland,

• the‘master gland’

• every organ,

• function,

• cell,

• the bones and marrow of our human physical bodies we ask you to wash us clean with the precious Blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

R2 renounce the throne and seat of Lucifer in the pyramid the golden triangle.

R2 the ascension to the throne on the sixth chakra of Lucifer to take up his governmental seat on the throne to rule and reign over me. Under the blood of Jesus. I smash the seat of Satan. I smash his seat of fire and decommission all his false angelic hosts in his triangle. Under the blood of Jesus, we smash your golden triangle and send all of you demons bound to the Feet of the TL Jesus Christ.

R2 the ascension and dissension from the throne of Satan and all excitement of kundalini fire that excites ungodly passions as it rolls up and down our spine turning us into monsters of depravity in the grasp of the force of the “energies of Lucifer."

Father, please set us free physically from all internal and external occult control trigger systems that keep us open to sickness and premature death.

Father where our chakras are being activated by:

• the world systems,

• media and arts of Satan and his servants

We ask that You will deactivate them with the Blood of Jesus and disconnect us from all

• satanic time-lines and synthetic timelines

• call-back programming to the cave dwellers, cave art and shamanism,

• to tribal national identities,

• call backs to the New Age,

• to the empires of Egypt, Syria, Greece and Rome,

• to the Nirvana of Hinduism

• sex magic

• sound or smell activations.

Where we are being internally connected to:

• the occult control charkas of Mother Earth and

• to satanic vortex points to be powered and controlled through them,

• where demons have been assigned to each chakra to:

* block us,

* torture us,

* make us unable to push through to the fullness You have prepared for us and stop us from praying:

Blood of Jesus please nullify all occult connections and powers and break all connections between us and those who choose to follow occult paths who would try to influence us or control us.

R2 every demon and satanic power, inheritance, occult energy and program assigned to:

The first Muladhara chakra – ROOT chakra, this chakra being the ‘seat of the goddess.’

• Kuna Kunalini,

• the false bride,

• the sleeping serpent, the “sleeping beauty”, against the deities assigned to this charka:


-Sakti Dakini and -Indra.

R2 rebuke, bind and loose ourselves from these deities and Satan’s agents and petition that these deities will no longer be able to: control these ‘gates’ to channel soul power through them against all cords that would bind us to spirit paths, connections and mind control being released

from Mother Earth first chakra in Mt. Shasta, California and Mt. Sinai.

Father, please destroy the powers of these evil spirits to control or block our ROOT chakras, spines, or minds and disconnect us from all occult power, transmissions and broadcasts including the musical note “A,” the frequency 432, and the vowel sounds “Ay-Way” used in grounding work. We forbid these from being released though our chakras to control us from Mt. Shasta and Mt. Sinai or from any other location.

Blood of Jesus please completely cleanse this chakra and the base of our spines and all connection into the earth. We declared and decree grounding is an occult practice that connects us to hell. Please Lord Jesus, break the power of all demonic seals holding me captive; dismiss all demonic door keepers, smite and bruise the head of the serpent by the Fire of God under the Blood of TL Jesus Christ.

R2 every demon, satanic energy, inheritance, power and program assigned to the second Swadhisthana chakra – SACRAL chakra the navel or pelvic chakra. R2 break free of the musical note “B,” the frequency 480 and the vowel sounds “Ee-Me” used in chanting/meditation work.

R2 break all assignments of:

• the triple goddess and

• the number 666, of this being • the ‘hara center’

• against all powers and control of the deities assigned to this chakra –

-Varuna, -Vishnu and -Rakini.

R2 bind and loose ourselves from all assignments of these evil spirits and from all occult control and programming being released from the second chakra of Mother Earth in the Brazilian Amazon and Lake Titicaca.

R2 break all:

• cords,

• ley lines,

• wires,

• power control,

• occult transmissions and broadcasts being released over us and through our chakras to control us from these places using us as a human battery.

Father, we petition that this chakra and our navels will be totally cleansed with the Blood of Jesus and we ask You Jesus to break every demonic seal that has been placed over it and dismiss all demonic doorkeepers. I choose to come out of the demonic spirit realm of kundalini and the satanic

realm opened through family or bloodline initiation and I command the cessation of the flow of satanic fire flowing into my navel to cease now in Jesus’ Name!

R2 all demon, satanic power, inheritance, control and program assigned to:

The third Manipura chakra- the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra. We specifically petition that this ‘astral gateway’ will no longer be able to be used by occult forces or psychic energies that do not come from You. We declare that this gateway will be controlled by the Holy Spirit only and that the deities

-Vahmi, -Rudra, and -Lakini

will no longer have any power over it.

R2 repent and bind all occult control flowing through the musical note “C”, the frequency 528, and the vowel sounds “Uuh – Cup.” We bind and break off all mind control programming released against us from the third Mother earth chakra in Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya, Africa and loose ourselves from all demon spirits.

R2 break:

• cords,

• ley lines

• spirit paths that would connect us to this place and

• against all occult transmissions though our chakras to control us.

R2 this chakra and our solar plexus and we ask You TL Jesus to break the powers of all demonic seals placed over it and dismiss all demonic doorkeepers. Under the blood of Jesus I declare the cord of magic power and worship of the sun god and fire god in my body is now cut! in Jesus’ Name. R2 of all alliances to the lotus as the Hindu sun god. I close all doors in repentance to all solar / sun worship.

Father, we petition against

• every assignment,

• demon

• satanic control and

• program and

• inheritance assigned to

The fourth Anahat chakra – the HEART chakra.

R2 rebuke, bind, and loose ourselves from all assignments of the deities:




and from all their control and occult power especially as they use the musical note “D#” for upper heart and the frequencies 624, musical note“D” for mid heart and frequency 594, and musical note “C#” and the frequency 552, and the vowel sounds “Eu – You.

Father we rebuke, bind and loose ourselves from these evil deities and from all of their:

• occult forces,

• powers,

• cords,

• ties,

• wires,

• ley-lines

• broadcasts and

• transmissions from the third chakra of Mother Earth in Glastonbury or Shaftesbury, England, through this chakra.

Father, cleanse this chakra and every part of our hearts under the blood of Jesus and we ask You to break the power of all demonic seals and dismiss all demonic doorkeepers.

In the Name of Jesus, I command the cessation of the flow of all satanic, Luciferian fire burning in my heart. Father, I repent of igniting the fire in the triangle and the cold fire in the center. I close the seal on the center of the triangle and I break the power of the cold fire that is destroying the Fire of God and making our hearts turn cold. In the Name of Jesus, I command the Kundalini cold fire in the center of the triangle will be extinguished and the shivering fevers in the body will cease, now.

(The three-in-one gods – kundalini, kali and shiva – cause the shivering with fevers and control the hypothalamus.)

R2 separate, break this false trinity (causing the cold fire) one from another, in the Name of Jesus.

R2 lordship of Satan on the seat of the hypothalamus and his ownership to the Endocrine system.

Father, we petition against every assignment demon, satanic control, inheritance and program over:

The fifth chakra Vishuddha – the THROAT chakra. We reject the deities,




R2 bind their demonic controls and mechanism and send them to the feet of Jesus including the musical note “E” the frequency vibration 672 and the vowel sounds “Oh – Go”.

We petition against all assignments through this chakra and our throats

• to connect us to,

• or call us back to,

• or activate us into all forms of the occult including the New Age.

R2 under the blood of Jesus all:

• occult mind control programming,

• cords,

• ley lines,

• wires, connecting us to Mother Earth in Mt. Shasta or the Mt. of Olives.

We forbid the kundalini cobra moving through this chakra, its demons or any mind control programming to be stripped under the blood of Jesus, no longer able to:

• pull us into the tunnel to the dark side that lies in the netherworld though our tortured emotions

• Father send it in the Blood of Jesus to cleanse and heal our emotions

• close and seal the tunnel to the dark side of the netherworld forever. Blood of Jesus completely cleanse this chakra and we ask You to break the power of all demonic seals and dismiss all demonic doorkeepers.

I declare that my family and I are coming off the vehicle of kundalini!

(The Kundalini vehicle is one of astral travel into the seven heavens of

destruction – to go out among the planets and the stars into total worship of

the constellations.)

My body, and every part of me, will no longer be the vehicle for the serpent. We declare we will be vessels of honor for the Lord of lords and King of king; not vehicles for the destroyer.

R2 break every physical repercussion of the Kundalini spirit outworking in my body.

R2 every assignment demon, satanic program and inheritance over the sixth chakra the Ajna - the third eye PINEAL or brow chakra. We shut down the activities of the musical note “F” and the frequency 720 and the vowel sounds“Ah – Mah” under the blood of Jesus.

R2 all assignments over the ‘eye of our soul’ and all ungodly ‘soul power’ or psychic powers.

R2 against all assignments of”

• the ‘eye of shiva’,

• the eye of Horus, eye of Lucifer, the throne seat in the triangle, the cold fire center.

• the horn of the unicorn,

• and all call back programming through the temple of Maat,

• of the goddess to open our third eye.

We place this third eye of our inner vision under the Blood of Jesus and we ask You Father to take control of its sight.

R2 repent of all clairvoyant magic powers. I repent for all occultic vision and pictures and for all false prophecy that is as a result of psychic vision. I smash the Golden Triangle the seat of Satan under the blood of Jesus.

R2 the temple of Satan and his home in the golden triangle, the temple of the Golden Dawn.

R2 renounce the throne and seat of Lucifer in the triangle.

R2 repent of opening the doors of clairvoyancy and I close the doors in repentance to the psychic realm and the door of Satan’s throne room.

We bring all Theta, Beta and Alpha wave consciousness, and all their gates under the Blood of Jesus, and we ask You father to neutralize all forms of mind control that may be flowing through them.

R2 all control over this chakra and our third eye by the goddess Hakini Shakti and all her many heads of the serpent.

R2 bind her from all her many heads and all multiplication of her heads – (the head of the serpent is the false prophet.) I lose the fire of God to burn up the head of the serpent and I cut every soul tie between myself and every part of me to the mouth, voice, eyes, ears and the smell of the serpent.

R2 against all

• cords,

• ley-lines,

• wires,

• transmissions and

• broadcasts from the third charka of Mother earth in Kuh-E- Malek, Siah through this chakra.

Father, through the Blood of Jesus totally cleanse this chakra and we ask You to break the power of all demonic seals and dismiss the demonic gatekeepers.

R2 repent for believing I was a god or goddess and I neutralize the serpent’s poison that kept me in a state of bewitchment, with the Blood of the Jesus. I smash the idol of self that formed with my eyes wide open to the carnal world that gave the Kundalini spirit a dwelling place.

R2 every assignment demon, occult programming, inheritance, and control over:

The seventh Sahasrara chakra –the CROWN chakra including the use of the musical note “G”, the frequency 768, and the vowel sounds “I-My-Ing.” Shut down the movement of the kundalini spirit through these chakra notes frequencies and sounds under the blood of Jesus including every:

• ‘star-gate’ • ‘vortex• ‘cosmic gate’

R2 all two-way communications that would control us by

Satan and his servants through any of these gates or portals.

R2 all mind control programming from the sun, moon and stars through this gate and all occult control over our Cerebellum and Pineal glands.

R2 renounce the ascension alchemy of sex alchemy of gold and silver, moon

and sun worship eclipsing at the golden triangle and the consummation

occurring at the seat of Satan to kill us, emotionally, mentally, and physically and release his electricity into the nervous system.

R2 repent of ascension alchemy. In the Name of Jesus, I break the demonic charging of electrical currents through my body.

We give our little fountains, our Fontanelles, back to You Father and where our waters have been demonized and polluted will You filter and cleanse them.

R2 break under the blood of Jesus, every assignment and inheritance of deity -Shiva- Paramamshiva and forbid him to dwell in our crowns and break all assignments of his demonic marriage to the goddess Kundalini.

We declare the Golden Dawn of the New Age will not rise. The false light of

the Golden Dawn, be blown out now, in Jesus Name.

I declare that the curse of the blows to the head is broken in Jesus Name. I break the stamp of Shiva’s ownership off the top of my head of the eighth chakra, in Jesus Name.

R2 break off all kundalini powers and the demons flowing through them. We declare a divorce and receive our deliverance. Thank you for Your cleansing fire and for setting us free in the Name and through the blood of the True Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank you for setting us free from this major bondage today. Amen.

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