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Slow Breakthrough

I had four of my five children born at home and I remember all too well the long, drawn-out labor and the desperate yearning I had for it all to be over. The intensity of the pain could not be pacified even while listening to the most soothing music, having my back rubbed or by wearing my coziest jammies. However, I have found that whenever the pressure is the worst, and we are at the end of what we think we can bear, this is when God steps in with sudden miracles and refreshing. That “suddenly” moment is like the crowning of a baby being born; the pain can be excruciating, but the result comes swiftly.

We find an example of God’s “suddenlies” in Acts chapter 2:

“When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance” (Acts 2:1-4 NKJV).

In Acts 1:4 Jesus instructs his disciples not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for the gift the Father promised, which, said Jesus, you have heard {about} from me. They had no idea why they were waiting, other than they were being obedient to their Lord and Savior, Jesus. The Bible says that when the day of Pentecost had fully come, these believers were abiding together in an upper room. They had been fasting and praying for fifty days. Fifty days is a long time to fast and pray unceasingly without “seeing” anything happen. Yet, they remained faithful. Jesus told them to wait and tarry until the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them, and until they received His power. They didn’t even know what this holy spirit was.

Waiting Is Not Fun

Father is faithful and no matter how long we have to wait, breakthrough always comes. The timing of God clicks, a “suddenly“ materializes, the waiting ends, and our Heavenly Father sends His divine turnaround. In that moment:

  • Our answers suddenly show up.

  • We are propelled suddenly into the next level of blessing.

  • The Lord moves on our behalf and suddenly we forget the pain of proverbial “childbirth” for the joy of seeing the “child” (that thing for which we have been praying) born into the world.

Divine turnaround.

The divine turnaround of the Lord is sure to come but it will not come a moment sooner than he has ordained. “Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

Father will speak to our spirit and download to us the intentions of his heart. When it is time for the breakthrough, we will know within our spirit by the power of his Holy Spirit that it is indeed our time. Father does this because he loves us and wants a relationship with us and he also needs us to learn to agree with his perfect will, especially when we pray, so that he can bring about the things for which we have been longing for; the deep desires and secret petitions of our heart. Why don’t we agree in prayer that it is time for a divine turnaround.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of the true Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Thank you that you always hear me when I pray, thank you for your love and for your care, you are only good, your mercy endures forever. I bless your name and lift you up, I honor you and I declare and decree your majesty!

I’m grateful to belong to the body of Jesus Christ and as one of your own children I choose to come to you for every need that I might have. Apart from you, I can do nothing; I thank you for your sustenance, I thank you for your care, and your attentive hand upon my life. Only in you shall one say, I have victory to achieve.

Father God, your mercy endures forever and I praise you and thank you that your love never fails. I thank you for your strength, I thank you for your grace, I thank you Father that when I call unto you, you respond. You who made the ears you hear. Right now, I am asking for you to demonstrate your strength, especially on my behalf as it pertains to my heart and its desperate need of a breakthrough.

Father, the enemy has taken his best shot and I do feel pressed down, perplexed, and at times, even in in despair, I have been persecuted but not struck down and I declare according to your word in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 that none of these things move me and I will not be crushed, in despair, forsaken or destroyed. Instead, let this rebound and come upon the enemy of my soul.

Father God, it feels like me and every part of me has been continually attacked by the enemy. The devourer has been hard at work in many areas of my life but I thank you for your great faithfulness; in the midst of darkness, You are the light. You have promised me your protective custody because I am a giver, you promise to rebuke the devour for my name sake. I ask that you would extend this blessing to my seed as well as my spiritual seed.

Through all the persecution and every difficulty, you have kept me alive. You have taught me in the way of godliness as I have trusted you. You have proven to me that you are the good Shepherd and I can rest in you. I want to thank you for that. However, I am petitioning you today that you would bring supernatural breakthrough on behalf of myself and every part of me; that you would intervene suddenly and swiftly, bringing me to a divine turn around. Please let the miraculous answers to prayers that I have been praying for years suddenly come to fruition.

Truly I would have perished had I not believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13). I thank you that because I am your child, it is your desire to cause me to always triumph over my enemies and I ask that you would go to war on my behalf right now. Please, raise a standard on my behalf and make the enemies who are attacking me turn back in utter panic (Isaiah 59:19).

In the name of the true Lord Jesus and through your precious blood, I ask that you mandate a cease-and-desist order on my behalf. I ask that you will cause the attacks against me to stop. Thank you for the manifest victory that you purchased for me on the cross. Please propel me to victory as I receive Your strength in all it’s fullness. Let the fame of your name be blazed abroad through me, and may you get the glory and the honor over the enemy through me in every area of my life.

They will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. I am not telling you how or when my breakthrough should come but I will wait on you and rise up as the eagle (Isaiah 41). I do agree with you and your word and will remind you of what you have said in order to be heard and receive my divine turn around.

You say in your word that I should come to you for every need that I have, through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, that I should let my requests be made known to you. In essence, you desire me to bring you every need that I have.

Your Word teaches that I should be anxious for nothing; but in everything, through prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let my requests be made known to You so that you can personally respond. You want me to come to You.

Therefore, Heavenly Father, please remember me and I present my case to you once again:

  • Remember that I have waited on You, in accordance with Your instruction;

  • That I have fasted and prayed, in obedience to Your will;

  • That with my whole heart I have sought You, in submission to Your Word;

  • That I have sown and tithed and offered to You, Lord, surrendering to You in everything; and

  • That I have willingly and humbly and in brokenness submitted to Your discipline, as You would have me to do; for I know You discipline in love, and Your discipline is necessary correction.

Your Word says that we are to come boldly to your throne of grace and I know that You are a good Father who wants to meet me where I am. You desire to reveal secrets to me and for this, I thank you. Thank You for loving me, Abba Father.

In my heart, I greatly desire to see my turnaround, but if it is not your time, I submit myself to your perfect will and I will rest in your hand until I see my desire satisfied upon my enemy. I declare all my enemies shall be made your footstool whether it happens today or many days from today. I trust you. My times are in your hands. Abba, I submit to Your perfect will and Your perfect timing. By faith, I say today is the day of salvation, right now.

Through the power of the blood, and the power of the true Lord Jesus, please work miracles on my behalf and on behalf of every part of me. Please work within me, my seed my spiritual seed. I ask that every attack the enemy has ever thrown at me would be nothing more than shadows. Let nothing come of these attacks, let them fall to the ground and die. Let not the enemy extract anything from the children of God. I ask that you would continue to hear the cry of my heart and the things that I can't even say out loud, please Lord, honor my faith and as you have seen me give away and help others, I ask that you would return the harvest of blessing upon me more than I could ever ask, think, or imagine. As I have dedicated myself into your hands as your representative here on the Earth, your ambassador, encouraging others, I asked that you would encourage me, lift me up and make my dreams and the answers to my prayers come true.

Now I say in faith, my turn around from God, be revealed and come forth!!

Divine turnaround from God, come forth in Jesus’ name! Blessings from Heaven, come forth in Jesus’ name! Advocacy of the Holy Spirit, come forth and work on my behalf in Jesus’ name today! Lord Jesus let your mercy rest on me and my seed my spiritual seed. I thank you for your sustaining grace. I thank you for your protection, I thank you for your care, I thank You for being my everything. I declare and decree you are my shelter in the time of storm, you are my strength, you are my fortress, my wisdom, my provider, you are my wonderful counselor, you are more than enough, you are my refuge. I hide in you even when I feel that I cannot get up and go one more day. You are my everything. I thank you you are the one who nurtures and succors me, you care for me like a parent loves their infant child. I belong to you. I thank you for protecting and providing for me in every way I know, and in every way that I don’t even realize because you are only good.

I thank You, Father, for always providing all of my needs. My heart’s desire is that you would show off on my behalf and on behalf of every part of me. I’m asking you to do a miracle of healing and even prosperity through my body,soul, spirit, mind, will emotions, finances, relationships and every other good thing that I could possibly receive as your child.

I am depending on you, Father, please destroy all warfare leveled against me in every realm of the heavenly’s and on the earth, under the earth. Let your blessings come through to me regardless of the blocks set up by the realm of darkness. Burst through upon the enemy and cause their bows to be broken, let their swords enter their own hearts. Thank you for everything that you want me to have. You died on the cross to give me life and life more abundantly. Please do whatever it takes to get these answers through to me, release every good thing that is mine through Jesus, release it upon me now, in Jesus’ name. I declare that you and you only are my sustenance. I give you all praise glory and honor for your goodness and mercy, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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