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Spring Equinox

Ostara, or Easter, is a pagan and Wiccan holiday that celebrates the Spring Equinox, which marks the day when the amount of daylight and darkness are roughly equal. It is a time to honor the changing seasons and the return of new life to the earth.

The holiday has its roots in ancient pagan traditions, particularly those of the Germanic and Celtic peoples. It is a time to celebrate themes of renewal, growth, and new beginnings, and it can be incorporated into daily life through practices such as egg decorating, planting seeds, and lighting candles.

Ostara is significant as it celebrates spring, a pagan time of hope and satanic possibility, and invites us to connect with nature and the cycles of the earth. Ostara is the third sabbat on the wheel of the year and is one of the four greater sabbats.

  • We R2 (renounce and reject) meditating on the changing seasons. – Take time to sit quietly and reflect on the changing of the seasons. Consider how the natural world is beginning to wake up and renew itself, and how you can do the same in your own life.

  • We R2 altar creation to any pagan god – Set up a special space in your home dedicated to Ostara. Use spring-themed items like flowers, eggs, and rabbits to decorate your altar, and add any other items that feel meaningful to you.

  • We R2 performing rituals to Ostara. – Ostara is a great time to perform a ritual to release old habits and intentions that no longer serve you and to set new intentions for growth and renewal. Light candles, burn incense and use any other items that feel meaningful to you to help create a sacred space for rituals to the pagan god.


On behalf of ~ ourselves and every part of us, our generational lines, whether biological or surrogate, on behalf of our children or seed or spiritual seed, all the way back to Adam and Eve and all the way down to the end of time and eternity:

We R2 all participation with energy work, spells, and making magical herbs.

We R2 all charging and intention rituals involved with Seed Blessing and Planting Rituals and all evil intention and charging.

Stand Against Pagan Intentions and Pagan Rituals OUTLOUD word by word.  

Intentions: To sow the seeds of new beginnings, projects, or intentions.

Ritual: Bless seeds before planting them in the earth or pots, charging them with specific intentions for growth and prosperity.

We R2 all participation with Spring Equinox Balance Rituals.                                 We R2 all harmonizing of ourselves with the balance of light and darkness.

Intention: To harmonize inner self with the balance of light and dark.

Ritual: Use a balance scale or represent balance visually in a demonic ritual,

meditating on bringing balance into your life and letting go of extremes.

We R2 all participation in Egg Magic and its intention to symbol of fertility, rebirth and potential. Including all decorating of eggs with meaningful satanic symbols and colors that represent spells of desires for the coming season. We R2 burying the eggs as an offering and fertilization to the earth. We R2 keeping these eggs on an altar as a talisman. We R2 all human and animal sacrifice to demons.

  Intention: To symbolize fertility, rebirth, and potential.

Ritual: Decorate eggs with symbols and colors that represent your

wishes and desires for the coming season, then bury them as an offering to the Earth or keep them on your altar as talismans.

We R2 all Cleansing and Purification Rituals with its focus on clearing away bad energies to make space for the new to come. We R2 all smudging of our homes and sacred spaces with herbs. The opening of portals and the purification rights of ritual baths using demonically charged herbs and salts.

Intention: To clear away old energies and make space for new growth.

Ritual: Smudge your home and sacred space with herbs like sage,

rosemary, or lavender. Take a ritual bath with purifying herbs and salts.

We R2 Nature Walks and Earth Offerings to the goddess of the new Earth, collecting items to be displayed on our worshipful alters. We R2 for all offerings of seeds, nuts, pinecones, feathers as thanks to the goddess.

Intention: To reconnect with the Earth and show gratitude for its abundance.

Ritual: Take a mindful nature walk, collect items that call to you for an altar. Leave

offerings of seeds, nuts, or biodegradable materials as thanks.

We R2 all participation in Equinox Dawn Rituals that welcome in the increase of light and celebrate the balance between day and night. We R2 all rising before Dawn for ceremonial magic, including the lighting of candles or the offering of prayers to the goddess Oestra.

Intention: To welcome the increasing light and celebrate the balance of day and night.

Ritual: Rise before dawn and greet the sunrise with a simple ceremony, perhaps lighting

a candle or incense and offering a prayer or poem.

We R2 all participation in kitchen witchery, and the Feast of Renewal that celebrates the bounty of the goddess Ostara. We R2 all praying and dedication of the food to Oestra and the participation in assault covenant to this pagan God.

Intention: To celebrate the bounty of the Earth and the community’s renewal.

Ritual: Prepare a meal with seasonal, locally-sourced foods. Share this feast with your community, family, or coven, focusing on themes of renewal and gratitude.

We R2 all Participation in any Altar Creation or Rededication to the goddess of fertility to include participating in orgies to honor the energies of spring and the deities and spirits associated with renewal and growth. We R2 symbols of the season to include flowers, eggs, green crystals, menstrual blood.

Intention: To honor the energies of spring and the deities or spirits associated with

renewal and growth.

Ritual: Create or refresh your altar with symbols of the season, such as flowers, eggs,

green crystals, and representations of fertility and growth.

We R2 all participation in manifesting our desires through Visioning and Pathworking. We R2 all engaging in meditation and guided visualization seeking clarity through an assigned spirit guide for the year ahead.

Intention: To visualize and manifest your desires and goals for the coming cycle.

Ritual: Engage in meditation or guided visualization to explore the path ahead, seeking

guidance and clarity on what to grow and how to proceed.

We R2 all Chakra Balancing Meditation to include aligning and balancing the bodies energy centers to mirror the balance of light and dark. We R2 for using crystals or visualization techniques to work through each chakra, focusing on bringing them into alignment and harmony with the goddess and the deities who carry the energy of the season.

Intention: To align and balance the body’s energy centers, mirroring the balance of light

and dark.

Ritual: Use crystals, sounds, or visualization techniques to work through each chakra, focusing on bringing each into alignment and harmony with the energies of the season.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for your work in the heavens and in the earth. We bless your name for your healing renewal, your blood covenant with us, and your name as a seal upon our hearts and upon our lives. Thank you that you are the giver of all good things, and You are

the True Refeshing. In Jesus's name. Amen.


Satanic Calender

Pagan Religion of Ostara

Ostara - Eostre


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